Commission a portrait

Would you like an exclusive portrait in oils, watercolour or charcoal of your child, partner, family, parents, pet or yourself? There are many reasons to commission a special and unique painting or drawing. A posthumous portrait is also possible.


The first choice to make is the medium in which you'd like the portrait to be made. Renate works in watercolour and Natalie in oils and charcoal. We will then have an introductory meeting to talk about size, composition, completion date and any other wishes you may have. We prefer taking the photos to use as reference for the painting or drawing ourselves. When this is not possible, for example when it's a surprise or the subject is a deceased person or animal, we would like as many clear photos as possible. Together we'll pick a photo which will be the starting point of the artwork. Naturally we'll keep you up to date about the progress and you're always welcome to visit our studio to take a sneak peek. 


On request. The price of a portrait depends on a number of things: size, composition (e.g. the number of people/animals, only the head and shoulders, or full length, a simple or complex background).

Once the details are established, we require a non-refundable deposit of 30 percent of the total agreed-upon fee. When the portrait is completed, we'll invite you to our studio for a viewing and when you're happy with the end result the remaining amount is paid.


Please send us an e-mail. We'll respond as soon as possible.

Babs door Renate van Dongen
Roos door Natalie Koeken